Fund Factsheet
Fund type Non-redeemable property fund
Investment policy Raise fund from general investors, both individual and institutional , and both domestic and foreign investor to buy, lease, transferred real estate properties or the rental right over the real estate properties, and to benefit from those properties. The Fund will improve, develop and/or dispose invested assets through lease and/or sell or any other means that will create income and return for the Fund and investors.
Suitable for Investors who want to have constant rental income that will not fluctuate on economic cycle and inflation.
Registration date 18 April 2005
Project capital 11,824,789,913 (Baht Eleven Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty-Four Million Seven Hundred Eighty-Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirteen)
No. of units 1,149,541,940 (One Thousand One Hundred, Forty-Nine Mllion Five Hundred Forty-One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty units)
Par value Baht 10
Dividend policy The Fund has a policy to pay dividend to unit holders at least twice a year.
  • In case the Fund make profit in any year , the management company will pay dividend to unit holders for no less than 90% of the annual net profits.
  • In case the Fund has retained earnings, the management company may pay dividend to unit holders from the retained earnings.
Project life/maturity date No expiry, no maturity date
Details of invested assets As of 30 June 2017, the Fund invests in 244 lands standard factories and standard warehouse of TICON Industrial Connection Public Company Limited and Ticon Logistics Park Company Limited on land size 875 rai 3 ngan 76.8 square wah with 580,600 square meter of factory space. The factories and warehouses are in 9 industrial estates, industrial parks, industrial promotion zone and project as follows:
  1. 25 land and factories in Amata City Industrial Estate, Tambol Mabyangporn, Amphur Pluagdeang, Rayong Province.
  2. 70 land and factories in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate (Bang Pakong), Tambol Phanthong and Tambol Donhuafor, Amphur Muang, Cholburi Province.
  3. 14 land and factories in Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate, Tambol Klongjig and Tambol Bangkasan, Amphur Bang Pa-In, Phranakorn Si Ayutthaya Province.
  4. 11 land and factories in Bangpu Industrial Estate, Tambol Preaksa, Amphur Muang, Samut Prakarn Province.
  5. 28 land and factories in Baan Wah Industrial Estate (Hi-Tech), Tambol Baan Lane, Tambol Baan Po Amphur Bang Pa-In, Phranakorn Si Ayutthaya Province.
  6. 26 land and factories in Pinthong Industrial Estate, Tambol Nongkham, Amphur Sri Racha, Cholburi Province.
  7. 47 land and factories in Rojana Industrial Park, Tambol Thanu, Tambol U-Thai, Tambol Baan Chang, Tambol Khanham, Amphur U-Thai, Phranakorn Si Ayutthaya Province.
  8. 15 land and factories in Nava Nakorn Industrial Promotion Zone, Tambol Klong Nueng, Amphur Klongluang, Patum Thani Province.
  9. 8 land and warehouses in Ticon Logistics Park Bangna, Tambol Bangsamak Amphur Bang Pakong, Chachaengsao.
Fund management company BBL Asset Management Company Limited
Accounting auditor EY Office Limited.
Lessor Entrepreneur
Property management TICON Industrial Connection Public Company Limited
Benefit caretaker Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited
Average appraised value when making investment
Most recent appraised value
Fees collected from unit holders (% of unit value)
Unit selling fee None
Unit transfer fee Rate determined by the fund registrar, no collection currently
Fee collected from the mutual fund (% of net asset value per year)
Management fee Not more than 1.0%
Benefit caretaker fee Not more than 0.5% with minimum fee of Baht 30,000 per month
Fund registrar fee Not more than 0.1%
Consultant fee (if any) Not more than 1.0%
Property management fee
  • Not more than 3% of the offering value.
  • Property transaction fee at the rate of no more than 3% of transaction value.
Financial consultant fee
  • Not more than 0.5% of the offering value.
  • Commission or any expense that actually occurs as appropriate but will not exceed 0.05% of the offering value.
Other expenses As actually occurs.