TFUND Management

Property Manager
Ticon Industrial Connection Company Limited ("TICON")

was established in 1990 to operate the business of construction of plants for lease. Its shares have been listed on The Stock Exchange Thailand ("SET") since 2002.

To date, TICON has developed and leased out more than 200 1-storey plants, all of which are situated in 12 industrial estates and industrial parks in Thailand; over one plant per week on average. The construction of those plants was performed by TICON's in-house construction work force, comprising architects, engineers, and project managers who directly supervise the construction. Having its own construction team is an advantage in term of financial efficiency, up-to-the-standard construction of the plants, and flexibility in performing the construction, i.e. TICON is capable of accelerating the completion of the construction as the customers may require, and making alteration and addition to the plant upon the customers' requests.

In addition to the management of the Property belonging to its own with continuous growth, TICON assists it customers in applying for various utility permits, work permit for foreign employees, and such other general services as the customer may request, for examples, recommendation of the suitable suppliers of the goods and raw material to the customer. These services are added value provided in addition to the goods and services of the TICON which enable it to maintain the highest occupancy rate.

TICON has been appointed the manager of the Property belonging to the TICON Property Fund in April 2005 to manage the first tranch of the investment made by of the fund.

Ticon Logistic Park Company Limited ("TPARK"),

a 99.99 percent owned subsidiary of TICON, was established on 2nd August 2005, with the registered capital of Baht 2,500 million as of 30 June 2008, to carry on the business of logistics industrial zones and high quality warehouses for lease/sale. Those warehouses are located in the 3 real estates project developed by TPARK, i.e. TICON Logistics Park -- Bangna, Wangnoi Warehouse Centre, and Lampchabang Warehouse Centre.