TFUND Highlights
The Fund has freehold interest in the invested land and buildings.
The Fund currently owns 244 rented factory and standard warehouse properties (as of 30 June 2017) in leading and well-known industrial estates, industrial promotion zones, industrial parks and project. Most of the Fund’s assets are new with average 74.9% occupancy rate (as of 30 June 2017) which will generate steady rental income. Moreover, the Fund may benefit from potential property price appreciation in the future.
The invested assets are in the locations that could benefit lessors and have high occupancy rate.
All rented factories are in Amata City Industrial Estate, Eeastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate, Bangpu Industrial Estate, Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Nava Nakorn Industrial Promotion Zone, Pin Thong Industrial Estate and Rojana Industrial Park, all of which are under supervision of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). and Ticon Logistics Park Bangna IEAT has determined tax privilege for the company that operates industrial operation in those areas, which make operation in the industrial estates increasingly popular and has high occupancy rate.
Property manager are highly experienced and skilled.
Property manager of the Fund is TICON Industrial Connection Pcl. (TICON). TICON's core business is developing industrial factory and warehouse for rent. TICON has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is of the leading company in developing factory in Thailand. The company has very good knowledge about the Fund's invested assets, are specialized in marketing, income and rental fee management, and has good long-term good relationship with lessors. And Ticon Logistic Park Company Limited ("TPARK") was owned subsidiary of Ticon Industrial Connection Company Limited ("TICON")
Benefits of the unit holders
The unit holder could expect not only current income but also long term capital appreciation. The fund will pay dividend not less than 90 % of its net profit at least twice a year. By holding the freehold land and building, the price appreciation of its assets (if any) will lead to long term growth of the Fund Net Asset Value.
Cooperation and co-benefit between the Fund and TICON.
TICON, as property manager, has intention to maintain at least 20% stake in the Fund. The unit holders can re-assure that TICON will manage the Fund to the full potential to maximize the Fund and unit holders' benefits.